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Valley of Fire Elopement Guide

Your Valley of Fire Elopement Guide to have a successful wedding day!

A recreation and preservation area that’s covering about 46,000 acres of ADVENTUROUS areas, Valley of Fire State Park is a must to be on your elopement location consideration!

If you are thinking of eloping in Las Vegas, then you’ll want to read this guide for tips on How to Elope in Valley of Fire.

6 Tips on How to Elope at Valley of Fire

bride and groom smiling at each other celebrating their elopement at Valley of Fire on their wedding day

1. Securing Your Permit

Wait a minute! I know you’re excited to hit the road now and get married but I wish it was that easy. The last thing you’d want are park ranger stopping your wedding for not having a permit.
So you’ll want one of your vendors to contact the park staff to secure a permit for your elopement! They can complete the application for the park permit HERE!

Cost of permit varies, but to give you an idea. The popular permits range from $50-350 for the day based on amount of vehicles or by amount of people ranging from 2 persons – 50 persons wedding. Larger sized weddings will require a different cost of permit.

2. Avoid the Heat Wave

The times to be aware of if you don’t want to be dripping in sweat in your photographs! June through August is what we call a “heat wave”. You may want to wait for the months of March – May and September – November for those glowing photos (not because of the sweat kind of glow!) for your elopement!

If, you still choose to get married during our “heat wave” months, then consider an early morning/sunrise or sunset elopement.

an image of a bride smiling and holding her bouquet at her elopement at Valley of Fire

3. Grab a Bite from Nacho Daddy

Remember, it’s about a 90 minute drive from the Las Vegas Strip and wouldn’t want you fainting out there during your elopement!
Grab a bite from Nacho Daddy – Downtown, you can find their menu here!

an image of a nacho dish from Nacho Daddy to have before your drive to your elopement at Valley of Fire on your wedding day

4. Choose Your Ceremony Location

Decide what kind of scenery or let your photographer choose for you. There’s the bright red rocks and fire sand or you can go for the muted sandstones for a lighter look!

bride and groom kissing on their wedding day and having their elopement at Valley of Fire
bride and groom hugging their sibling during on their wedding day

5. Phone Service

It is important to know that you will have little to no service, so here’s a map to help guide you and your guests to the location.

Another option is to meet at this last gas station, Chevron, where you’ll still have service and can follow each other from there to your wedding location.

bride and groom looking out a window of a brick cabin during their elopement
groom kissing his bride gently on the forehead at their elopement at Valley of Fire

6. Pack Shoes with Great Tread

While some locations at Valley of Fire won’t require much of a hike, it’s safe to say bringing an extra pair of shoes to walk on the rocks to get to a spot for photographs would be safer. Please save your heels for when you’re on the spot and won’t be moving around or remove the shoes for fun and go barefoot! Shoes with a great grip would be safer to have while at Valley of Fire — last thing you’ll want is going to the hospital on your wedding day!

bride and groom dancing on the sand at Valley of Fire

You made it to the end, I hope this Valley of Fire Elopement Guide helps you to have a successful wedding day!

Bonus! You can find a map below to The Cabins where this elopement at Valley of Fire took place! And if you need help figuring out which ceremony location you might enjoy the most, you can contact me here!

With love,

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