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Chapel Dulcinea Wedding Chapel in Austin Texas

Chapel Dulcinea Wedding Venue in Austin Texas

Chapel Dulcinea wedding chapel in Austin, Texas on the Wizard Academy Campus up the hill of Crystal Hills Drive. It is approximately 25 minutes southwest of Downtown Austin.

Academy Campus Map
Courtesy map from Chapel Dulcinea.
You will be on Crystal Hills Dr. and drive up to the Welcome Center to park. You cannot drive to the actual Chapel Dulcinea.

Free Wedding Chapel?

You must’ve heard and wondering, is this gorgeous wedding chapel really free?!

The answer is, yes! However, to continue for Chapel Dulcinea to give couples an opportunity to say their “I Do’s” here, a donation to the chapel is encouraged.

Chapel Dulcinea Wedding Venue in Austin Texas


Even though there’s no required payment to host your wedding at Chapel Dulcinea. There is however, a no-show fee that you put down when you reserve your date and time for your wedding ceremony. In order to avoid the no-show fee, when you show up for your wedding you must sign-in to their Welcome Center.

Note: As of today (5.28.2020) the refundable wedding date hold can vary from $200-500.

Chapel Dulcinea Wedding Venue in Austin Texas - wedding dress

Avoid No-Show

Please, avoid a no-show because otherwise you will be added to the “block list” and will never be approved for any future reservations. This is to respect other couples that would have wanted to have their wedding on the same date as yours but couldn’t because you have reserved it already. Not cool! So show-up or cancel or change the time.

Yes, fees will apply for cancellations or time/date changes that will be forfeited from the refundable fee you placed to hold your wedding date (mentioned above, see “Note”).

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Bride/Groom Rooms

With your wedding ceremony reservation, you’ll have access to Chapel Dulcinea, Bride & Groom rooms, and Spence Diamond Pavilion.


Chapel Dulcinea parking lot will accommodate about 20 cars and if it exceeds that parking capacity, you are able to park in the overflow parking lot next to the main parking lot.

Remember, check-in at the Welcome Center!

Even though you cannot drive up to the Chapel from the parking lot, there is wheelchair access if needed. It is approximately a 200 yard walk.

Chapel Dulcinea in Austin Texas - wedding ceremony area

Seating Accommodation

Under the roof of Chapel Dulcinea, it can accomodate about 12 people. About 35 people if standing under the same main room.

Even more people that will then be outside of the chapel room for a larger crowd. I’ll be honest, it’s a small chapel and it would be tight for your guests and may be difficult for them to witness your entire wedding ceremony.

From experience, max it to 30 people total (yes, that’s including yourself).

Ring the Bell!

There’s no way you’re leaving without ringing the bell!! What a fun part to do at the end of your vows or kiss! Let the world know you’ve officially tied the knot and at Chapel Dulcinea.

Chapel Dulcinea chapel venue in Austin - wedding bell


There’s a pavilion if you’d like to use it at no additional charge. However, some important things to keep in mind if you’re considering in using the Canadian Diamond Pavilion. A few things to keep in mind for the pavilion, the only food allowed is a cake, you need to bring trash bags & broom to pick up after, noise is to be kept down to a minimum etc.

Big Tip: Highly encourage to have your gathering after your ceremony at an offsite location to continue your celebration! As mentioned before, Downtown Austin is about 25 minutes from Chapel Dulcinea and have had many couples end the celebration there instead!

Check out this Austin guide for fun places to check out!

Hope this helped on your decision and discovered more about this gem, Chapel Dulcinea, wedding chapel in Austin, Texas.

Happy wedding planning!

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