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When to Send Save the Dates

When to send Save the Dates are one of the most popular questions I get asked about the most. So let’s dive into the timeline and importance of sending these out.

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Why send out Save the Dates?

It gives your friends and family a heads up to block out that day to attend your wedding before they block it for another wedding they get invited to on the same date.

A way for your friends and family to request the time off from their jobs or take care of tasks to be able to make it.

When do I send out Save the Dates?

Ideally, the latest to send them out is 6-8 months prior to your wedding. If it’s a destination wedding or around a major holiday, recommended to give notice to your guests about 9-12 months in advance.

If you have your date and venue location booked, book your engagement session immediately so you can start creating your save the dates to send them out!

Who do I send the Save the Dates to?

Make your guest list and then you can categorize them into two. Mail them to your main 1st list that you know for a fact you want to invite them.

Be sure the ones who are on your main list are people who matter to you the most and want them to be there on your wedding day.

Tip: The people who don’t give you a second to think about if you should or not invite them are your “A list”.

What do I include on the Save the Date cards?

  • Your name and your partner’s name
  • wedding date
  • city & state where the wedding will be held
  • the words that can go something like this, “Formal Invitation to Follow”
  • wedding website (optional)

    Destination weddings
  • the above info along with hotel details or travel arrangements as these take longer to plan out for

Where do I order Save the Date cards?

I recommend my couples using Minted or my personal favorite, Basic Invite for all of their invitations!

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Side note, yes I receive a little commission but I only recommend products/services that I have worked with and love!

Happy wedding planning!

with love,

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