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Top 5 Things to Do After Getting Engaged

The top 5 things to do after getting engaged that some couples forget to do or don’t know about.

Aside from celebrating with your family and friends, getting a manicure to show off that bling and so many other good things!! There’s more after the congratulations and celebration. Read on.

1. Insurance

Insure that ring! Things can happen so don’t wait until you have your wedding band. You can always add on your wedding band and his along with any new jewelry at a later time when you have it. For now, insure yours. You can check out Jewelers Mutual.

Wedding Rings - top 5 things to do after getting engaged blog
Photo by Ivette West Photography

2. Sizing

Get your ring resized if it’s too large. However, if it’s just a little loose but not enough to where it will fall off easily then I’d recommend waiting until you get your wedding band. Also, try it with warm hands as our hands shrink a bit when having cold hands.

3. Choosing a Date

Before settling on one specific date, have a second date option in case your wedding vendors you want to have are booked but are available on your 2nd choice of wedding date. Type of season you’d want to have your wedding will also give you an idea around when you’d like to have your wedding.

4. Venues

Schedule venue tours that match what you’re envisioning AND that will give you the flexibility to bring in your vendors like your photographer, coordinator, florist, etc. Some venues have some restrictions, so find out what those are by asking them while touring the venue.

Wedding venue in San Antonio TX - Top 5 things to do after getting engaged blog
Wedding Venue in San Antonio TX – Photo by Ivette West Photography

5. Other Vendors

Speaking of vendors, start reaching out to the photographer, florist, coordinator, hair & makeup artists, bakery, DJ etc. This is where you find the vendors who you get along with and know what they’re doing to have the best wedding experience by having the vendors who will give you that piece of mind so you can enjoy your wedding day.


Book your photographer for your engagement session! Trust me, time goes by quick during wedding planning so you’ll want to plan this ahead of time so you won’t forget!

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Happy wedding planning!

With love,

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